Why APICS CSCP is critical to supply chain success

  • It provides an understanding of the interactions and inter-dependencies across the functions.

  • Provides understanding to supply chain professionals who may not have had the opportunity to work in all aspects of the supply chain.

  • CSCP provides insights into how the various pieces work together.

  • A CSCP suply chain certification designation demonstrates a grasp of supply chain knowledge and competence.

Why CSCP is Critical to supply chain success
CSCP Supply Chain

APICS CSCP certification is internationally recognized and the certification holders can make themselves away from the regular competition through holding a resume with APICS Certification as a qualification.

Top 10 job titles of CSCP certification holder in Supply chain Management

1. Supply Chain Manager

2. Manager

3.Project Manager

4.Material Manager

5. Supply Chain Analyst

7. Logistics Manager

8.Operations Manager

9. consultant

10. Senior Consultancy

Several reports are telling that APICS Certification holders are able to achieve lead positions in industries. this is the reason professionals all over the world are urge to crack Apics CSCP certification.

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